Ainda havia necessidade

"The latest campaign for JBS Men Underwear created a sort of marketing history on the web by notching up over a million page views in just 2 days since launch. Of course, the viewers were mostly male, non-advertising professionals (everybody knows we advertising types are above temptation, isn't it?). The campaign spread like wild-fire over the net, was picked up and posted by over a dozen sites and created a phenomenal amount of controversy and comments. It's true - viral is worth WATCHING!"

("It’s official, sex still sells", in Ads of the World, 3 Out. 2007)

Campanha da
&Co, Dinamarca, para JBS Men Underwear

Disclaimer: antes das eventuais manifestações de desagrado, directas ou indirectas, lembro apenas que esta campanha publicitária serve-me para sublinhar um tema ainda actual, que não existe qualquer juízo de valor da minha parte e que, no fim de contas, foi criada por dinamarqueses.

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