Patricia Clarkson on why it works

Everybody is so interested in that, I don't own a computer. I have a much larger computer vocabulary now because of this part; I did learn and do research. And I have been on a computer with a friend or the man I date. I have been on a computer, but I'm not a computer aficionado. I'm not a computer gal, but I have been in chat rooms, with different friends I have gone into a chat room. And I think they're fascinating and I think the beauty of chat rooms is that you can have your anonymity, of course, and you can choose to be raunchy and sexy and bold. Or you can actually go into certain chat rooms and maybe have an incredibly soulful, meaningful conversation that will change your life or change the other person's life. And I think that's kind of great about this film, that you see how these chat rooms, how the Internet can cover this broad base. When we first start out it is very funny and then it branches into something much darker, and then ultimately something kind of beautiful, I think, in the end.

("What do you think about people getting to know each other by chatting online? Did you research?", Patricia Clarkson sobre The Dying Gaul, entrevista de Rebecca Murray, About.Com: Hollywood Movies)

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