Cinco dois em um

5 canções para começar o novo ano e vencer a gripe. Yet again.

"Country Livin' (The World I Know)", Esthero

And I want a life lover that'll go that far
We don't have to do this right
Yes I know who you are
This ride could be ours
Just look at those stars
Baby we could be stars

"In Shock", Kristin Hersh

Party to this party
You are blameless
Ask a question
You get an earful
You are wanted you are wanted

"Kingdom", Dave Gahan

If there's a kingdom beyond it all
Is there a god who loves us all
Do we believe in love at all
I'm still pretending, I'm not a fool

"The Downtime Lights", The Blue Nile

Tonight and every night
Let's go walking down this empty street
Let's walk in the cool evening light
Wrong or right
Be at my side
The downtown lights

"Much Farther To Go", Rosie Thomas

I have much farther to go
Everything is new and so unpredictable
I should just kick my heels together and go home
But I'm not sure where that is anymore

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