O mundo segundo Milton Glaser





Who is your mortal enemy?  
Rupert Murdoch. He probably is the most powerful single man on earth. If you look at the amount of influence he has in virtually every country, and the internal corruption that is now being revealed in one of those sites — England — and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any constraint of decency, morality, responsibility, anything, that prevents him from doing anything he wants. It seems to me that nothing that appears on most of his outlets are any more than a reflection of his point of view. And I think that is very dangerous for a democratic society. 

What do you think of Donald Trump? 
Well I've met him — I've even done a vodka bottle for him as a matter of fact. I don't know how to think about him. He's an example of the power of the ego. How can anyone be so totally egocentric to not understand that there are others in the universe. It also shows the power of that position: When you don’t think there are others, everything is attainable for you. I just find that the combination of incredible ambition and a lack of modesty can be a terrifying prospect. And if you're in a roomful of people like that, you realize that that's why the world is the way it is. And the other thing is: I can't figure out his hair. From the point of view of someone who is into art and form-making, I can't figure out the structure of it: where it's coming and where it's going. And then I also wonder, what does he think this object on his head achieves? It's just a great mystery

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