Dias dos namorados

"I still feel we are beginners. I don't think having separate bathrooms is a key to a successful marriage, if you love one another. I think loving each other is the most important part of it, whether you share a bathroom or not. I don't have any secrets other than that. I found my partner, my life partner, and I really am in love with my wife and we have a lovely time and we share a long history together and children together and that's it. It's not because I do a certain gesture that she stays with me or anything. I think it's just because we love each other. I've been in my relationship for a very long time. There are always new things that happen - things that surprise you or you discover about yourself and your partner all the time. However the feeling, the lovely feeling of having been with someone for a really long time, it's not about being a beginner - it's the fact you know each other so well and you're so comfortable in each other's company. It's about where it goes from there. That's what makes our relationship, our marriage, our partnership, whatever. It is so wonderful."

Ewan McGregor, Daily Record.co.uk, 25 Maio 2011

Ilustração: Don Kilpatrick

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