Misplaced affection

I once lost a brother
Who was ever so frail

Standing flimsy on his feet
He decidedly pursued his trail

Set upon a journey
To unleash misused potential

All smiles along the way
Learning all things essential

Charming and unsteady
Like a tentative piece of jazz

But enough to gain him his place
With earnestness and pizzazz

He eventually fell in love
With someone so eager and assured

That all his needs were replenished
Till needs there were no more

His hesitant spirit
Did pause briefly to reflect

Upon the life he was choosing
And everything he would neglect

His frailty let him know
That he shouldn’t care

About things unsolved and undone
Things that stubbornly remained there

(As he was on his way
For something bold and merry)

Though never admitting
How it could be so scary

To feel alone in his love
And to move away from the shore

So this is how I lost a brother
Who was ever so unsure

Who drifted away unsoundly
Following erratic commands

To an unknown destination
Of overpowering demands

On which he lost himself

Like always.

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