Strange fish

You’re such a strange fish
swimming cowardly in the stream
Yet so upwardly mobile
As nature must have intended

You once showed some potential
And intensely wore your beliefs
If there ever were any
Hey fish, behind your bourgeois malaise

But you could cast your spell
Learned to sell your outlook pretty well
Even if quite clear
It would never amount to much

Time would pass
And no matter what you’d do
You would always be you
Strange fish, spattering in atavism

Yet there was something
Behind your smoky green
Almost meaningful eyes
That was washed away for sure

Now my watery view of you
Can scarcely recall
Why were you ever an issue to begin with

It’s funny how weird you are
Swimming conveniently in the stream
Swimming to wherever natures intends you to be

Stranger than ever to me.

Desenho de Vija Celmins

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